I’ve had several different ideas about where this bike tour was going to take place and where it would take me after Ethiopia. Where it took me next was Athens, a place I’m quite fond of after living here for a while during university — ages ago now.

I spent a week in the city, seeing the big-name sites: the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora, climbing Lycabettus hill; and wandering the streets taking in the no-name sites, most strikingly the abundance of street art and graffiti near the Athens School of Fine Art — and throughout the city.

I found it fascinating to look at the expressive images carved into marble grave stones 2000 years ago and then juxtapose them with the images spray painted on the sides of buildings near by. I think they complement each other and provide a link to the past that I wouldn’t see as strongly without both ends of the spectrum.

I’m now heading north from Athens. I expect to get to Macedonia in a week or so.





Southern Ethiopia


Evia and Thesaly


  1. kathy

    Fabulous photos! We’ll tour Greece with the boys via your pictures tomorrow night–also including an inservice on street art.

  2. Craig

    All your Athens photos are interesting but I particularly like the city overviews and the wall painting behind the smartcar. Happy riding. Say, Macedonia should be cool!

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