After my first day out of London, I expected to make it to Portsmouth by evening. However, in what seems to be a developing pattern I found the route longer than I expected and myself traveling slower than I expected.

The route through the Surrey hills was beautiful and where possible I followed small side roads with little traffic. Occasionally I took main roads when there were no other good options. The main roads were heavily traveled which made for somewhat hectic riding, but in all the experience was good.

I asked a man in his workshop I was passing where a good location might be to pitch a tent and he graciously showed me into his back lot. Pete (I hope I got your name right) brought me firewood, introduced me to his wife and son, and allowed me the use of a shower. Pete’s son, Zaphod, is building a mud hut and we sat inside it around the fire for a good part of the evening. A great day.

The next morning I was up early and rode on to Portsmouth by mid-day. Then I just had to wait for the evening ferry to St. Malo.